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Used by people at some of world's most innovative organizations like Google, MIT & ETH Zurich
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🚫 No more distractions
Website blocker: block, set daily time limits for websites.
Intelligent blocker (in private beta): websites determined to be a distraction will be hidden from appearing on Google, Facebook, Twitter and comment sections etc. in a way that you wouldnt even notice that it was even there.
Site Personalization: hide recommendations on YouTube and the Facebook feed while you're working or studying.
Block cookie notices: auto hide the annoying cookie notices on websites.

📃 TL;DR Link Previews
Preview any link on a website: before visiting any link on a website, get a summary of the link and save time.

🕵️‍♀️ Protect your privacy
1st and 3rd party tracking protection: trackers are now moving to 1st party tracking. Baitblock blocks both 3rd and 1st party trackers on websites.

TL;DR before clicking a link

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