Current: 0.3.0 (4/25/2020)
Improved app speed by 90% in some cases.
Changed label for entering site to blocklist to better explain pattern based blocking.
Added embedded reader.

0.2.0 (4/18/2020)
Fixed a bug where blocking sites wasn't working.
Improved TL'DR popup UI.
Improved Tracking Resistance to reduce false positive

0.1.9 (Firefox only) (4/15/2020)
Updated overlay UI to be darker.

0.1.8 (4/13/2020)
Support custom redirect URL.
Support regular expressions for blocking sites.
Improved TL;DR UI
Add 'Suggest an edit' option to TL;DR'.
Fixed TL;DR not appearing in Firefox.
Fixed tracking resistance not working in Firefox.

0.1.7 (4/5/2020)
Firefox support introduced.
Improved the interface.
Renamed YouTube/Facebook feed hiding feature to "site personalization".
Improved TL;DR UI.

0.1.5 (3/29/2020)
Fixed settings reset bug that occurred on browser restart.
Added indicator to domain.

0.1.4 (3/19/2020)
Updated tracking resistance to reduce false positives.
Improved cookie notice blocking.

0.1.3 (3/12/2020)
Improved TL;DR labels.
Updated App name for Chrome Web Store listing.

0.1.2 (3/10/2020)
Added optional daily limits to site blocker feature.
Improved TL;DR performance.

Added hiding YouTube/Facebook Feed feature.

Added hiding YouTube Feed feature

Improved cookie notice blocking.

Added tracking resistance feature.

Added cookie notice blocking feature.

Added website blocker feature.

Added TL;DR feature.

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